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Black Sheep Zin


Black Sheep Zin
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The Black Sheep is an ode to those of us who take the path less traveled. Without a doubt, I am the Black Sheep of my family. My brothers all toed the company line and went on to get viticultural degrees and work on the vineyard side of the business. I figured the grass was greener on the other side of the fense and went into winemaking, via a very circuitious route, and started the family winery.

While we have always been committed to focusing single vineyard wines from our Rockpile property, the Black Sheep is the counterbalance to that. It's our "Tete de Cuvee" of Rockpile Zinfandel: a blend of my favorite barrels. The Black Sheep harnesses all the unique characteristics of the individual blocks into one seamless and transcendent expression of the best Rockpile has to offer!

--Clay Mauritson